Achieve Faster Results

Reduce costs by using the IKOTECH high-speed magnetic
cell-sorting systems for use in life science applications.

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New Thresholds in Cell Sorting/Separation

Greater Quantity, greater viability in less Time

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Our Current Focus

Using our Quadrapole magnetic flow sorting for isolation of pancreatic islets.

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Magnetic Bead Characterizations

Get your magnetic beads characterized using the IKOTECH Hyperflux Velocimeter at Auburn University


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Up to 107 cells/sec/throughput. IKOTECH cell sorters can help you reduce costs.



Produce a greater quantity of viable cells in the shortest amount of time. We cross new thresholds in cell sorting and separation.



Up to 96% purity. Match new solutions with better patient outcomes.



Statistically accurate cell counts in seconds. “Instant replays,” multiple data analysis parameters, and more.