Have your magnetic beads characterized using the at Auburn University IKOTECH Hyperflux Velocimeter. Several manufacturers have already taken advantage of this program and have had their products characterized, we are making  the process easy for you.

To participate, please send a maximum of three samples, each at least 5.0 ml, packaged in the same manner as you would package for a customer, with the same spec sheet you would send to a customer and specific storage (temperature) instructions to:

Thomas Hanley, PhD.
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
212 Ross Hall
Auburn, AL 36849-5127

Please use your own courier account or USPS. We will return, attached to an email message sent to an address you provide, a print-out of your particle mobility histograms and statistical mobility data produced by the IKOTECH Hyperflux Velocimeter. This offer expires December 31,2016