Stuart Williams, PhD., Director of Cell Biology for IKOTECH and Director, Bioficial Organs Program, University of Louisville participated in the panel discussion, “The Future of Cell Therapy” at the Indiana Health Industry Forum annual meeting in Indianapolis Indiana.

Participating on the panel moderated by Rob Lyles, Executive VP Cook Medical, were Erik Woods, PhD., President, Cook General Biotechnology, Merv Yoder, PhD., Indiana School of Medicine and Keith March, M.D., PhD., Director, VA Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Remarks included, “Since every cell in the body contains the DNA of every other cell in the body, cell therapy is a rescue and repair mission. The Panel stated that there was no preference for intravenous injection over direct injection into muscle, they agreed they would choose both”. When asked when will cell therapy become mainstream medicine the response was it is happening now and hair transplants were given as an example of success.