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IKOTECH was incorporated for the purpose of licensing and commercializing magnetic cell sorting and analysis technologies. IKOTECH boasts a strong management and governance team, solid IP portfolio, and world-class network of collaborators. IKOTECH’s technologies are being developed for use in exciting applications in stem cell research, cellular therapeutics, cancer diagnostics, and diabetes therapeutics. IKOTECH is located at the Purdue Technology Center of Southeast Indiana.

We develop high-speed magnetic cell sorting systems for use in life science applications. Our products include a high-definition magnetic cell-tracking velocimeter that automatically analyzes cell and particle sizes, concentrations, and magnetophoretic mobility (particle velocity within a magnetic field) for quantifying the magnetic labeling of cells, validating particle quality and consistency, and identifying labeled populations in a sample. Other products include a quadrupole magnetic sorter, which is a multi-parameter magnetic cell-sorting solution for clinical-grade cell sorting applications and a large particle quadrupole magneic sorter for large cells, clusters, and particles. We offer our technologies for use in various applications, such as stem cell research, cellular therapeutics, cancer diagnosis, and diabetes therapeutics.

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