History of IKOTECH

Founded in 2004

Regenerative Medicine Market

IKOTECH is a biotechnology company that has developed high-speed magnetic cell-sorting systems for use in life science applications, specifically cell therapy in the “Regenerative Medicine Market”. IKOTECH began research on three cell therapy devices in October 2005 based on the license of nine patents owned jointly by The Ohio State University and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Techshot has licensed one patent to IKOTECH to enhance the patent portfolio. IKOTECH’s focus has been the commercialization of the magnetic cell analysis, cell and tissue sorting technologies incorporated in the three devices described in the “Our Technology” section.

Our Products

The first commercially available instrument for measuring the motion of microscopic particles in a magnetic field, defined as magnetophoretic mobility, is IKOTECH’s Hyperflux Velocimeter. The Quadrasep Magnetic Cell Sorter (QMS) uses patented technology capable of purifying cells labeled with magnetic particles and sorting them for clinical-grade applications in stem cell research, cellular therapeutics and cancer diagnostics. Our Quadrasep Magnetic Cell Sorter-Large Particles, (QMS-LP) represents the future of “Pancreatic Islet” purification for Type 1 Diabetics.