IKOTECH Products

Quadrupole Magnetic Sorter (QMS)

The IKOTECH QMS utilizes our patentened technology capable of purifying cells labeled with magnetic particles. Performance specifications include:

  • Up to 107 cells/sec/throughput*
  • Up to 96% purity**
  • Up to 1010 total cells***

For performance specification details, please refer to the IKOTECH QMS page.

Hyperflux – HD-MCTV

The Hyperflux High-Definition Magnetic Cell-Tracking Velocimeter (HD-MCTV) is a combination of innovative hardware and software that automatically analyzes cell & particle sizes, concentrations, and magnetophoretic mobility (particle velocity within a magnetic field). The HD-MCTV is particularly useful for quantifying the magnetic labeling of cells, validating particle quality and consistency, and identifying distinctly labelled populations in a sample. Learn more and watch the Hyperflux in action with¬†Point Grey’s Grasshopper camera.

Quadrasep/LP QMS

The Quadrasep/LP QMS is our magnetic sorter for large cells, clusters, and particles. Its proven design is based on the original Quadrasep, but with improvements geared towards the continuous processing of large particles. Capable of sorting very high volumes of tissue & particles, this sorter was designed specifically with Pancreatic Islets, Liver Hepatocytes, Kidney Glomeruli, Adipocytes, and Embryoid body applications in mind. Not simply a larger version of the Quadrasep, this device features innovative software and hardware engineered specifically for large cell cluster applications.